Thursday, December 08, 2011

Yesterday's answer, today's query

ANSWER: Krishna is Yogeshwara, Shiva is Maha Yogi. Tomorrow, the stories behind these names:)

Today's query should be cakewalk to my students, if they are listening in class!!

Which of the following benefits do you get from Bhramari?
a) Keeps voice young.
b) Clears sinus cavities
c) Changes blood chemistry at the nostril, enhancing oxygen inflow there.
d) Increases nitric oxide levels at the nostril -- giving a high, watered version  similar to an orgasm, or intense please.
d) Creates vacuum effect in the lungs, drawing in more air during inhalation.



Shweta said...

a) keeps voice young..

Anonymous said...

I am not your student Shameem but I think the answer is B.

Also a question aboout Bhramari .
Some says one do not need to put fingers over eyes/face etc.
Just sit and inhale and breath through nose/make humning sound and others put index fingers the ears while doing Bhramari.
Which is right and your thought Please.

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

Doing Asanas pranayamas without observing Yamas and Niyamas is like getting into the IIT or a medical college or the IIM or other available freebies on a reservation quota without the accompanying merit to complete the course.

Pls forgive me for being so brisque but concepts put up by highly evolved beings cannot be trifled with.

If you have put faith in a concept at least be sincere enough to be true to the masters who devised the concept.

I mention this bcos nowhere in your blog do i find any mention about the first two rungs of Ashtanga Yoga.

Of course its none of my business, but couldnt help mentioning it

Shameem Akthar said...

S0metimesbullshit maybe:) ?? ha ha... if i was in your place i will slink off and hide myself... you read my whole blog...? you have read everything I write about yoga? some of you anonymous types,na ...pleease stop pretending like u have read everything I have read on yoga. Please spare ur bs!! may the guru forgive u all for you overweening pride...

Anonymous said...

Shameem you wrote few weeks back Bhramari calms the mind but heats the body can that cause the rashes on face.The rash I have is on the face above the eye brows and near the sideburns.
I recently started doing Bhramari Just wondering it could be number of things but want to verify since you have helped alot of us learning about the yoga and ignore negative commenting people.


sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

No offense meant. No offense taken. Thks and wish u all the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shameemji,

Have been following your blog for a while. Thought It's high time I stop being a passive lurker and voice my appreciation to you ! Love what you write and I wish I could learn Yoga from you ! Do keep writing...

Shameem Akthar said...

Sometimesbullshit... such affected humility is so boring...
And geeta, bhramari heats the body as in seetali cools it. Rash et al... that sort of thing happens only when u do very intense sadhana... how many rounds do u do any case?

Anonymous said...

Shameem I do 10 to 12 times and maybe little more .Should I do seetali after bhramari to cool off I been mostly @ night before going to sleep .Should I back off untill rash heals or I am doing something wrong .Thanks Shameem and don't let these bojos get to you .You are helping a lot of people.
Thanks again