Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Answer and query

Answer: My student Gayathree (it is you, right?) has given the answer and it is absolutely right:
Depending on the level of blockage, when the heart chakra is blocked, one tends to be cold, ruthless, self-centered,insecure, fearful, depressed, feeling disconnected with people , lacks compassion, performs selfish actions and simply do not care - for themselves or for others !

Query: Which is referred to as the king of asanas? Simple question:)


Anonymous said...

Sirshasana is known as king of asanas.

Prachi said...

Thia one I think I know ma'am :) it's the headstand

Gayathree said...

Sirasasana - Headstand is the King of asanas - Shoulderstand the queen !

Ankita diwekar Kabra said...

Shirsasana of course and Sarvangasana is the queen :)


pv said...

i think the headstand