Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My article on rediff.com and attacks on me:)

-- one of the many, which appears twice monthly, on rediff.com. Here is the link

Don't miss the comments below, on faltu yogacharyas who are only out to make money:)
 So many frustrated yoga teachers out there, on a warparth against any body who truly loves yoga.. It is a puzzle to me how yoga `' lovers' (ha, ha)  become idiotically  possesive about yoga..

If I loved the sky and u loved it too, do you have more right over it?

Such a stupid mistaken sense of commitment people have towards things.. .. these comments are by far, the most harmless, .. but if you glance back at columns in rediff.com that I have done for a few years now, a whole lot of comments (which I have nowadays stopped reading, there is such a violent attack on me, being unattractive, looking haggard, looking old, being a Muslim, looking like a man,  being uninformed about yoga, being a pretender and other such things -- all these comments  written in a sloppy style also, which makes it worse:)

 It is intriguing to me, this attitude. I am not responding, so please don't start lecturing me about it (some people start that too, on this blog and think I am reacting to these things. If I did, would I by writing there still and for so many years?!!! ).

I am merely observing, objectively, the violence of their attack on me!!

 I love yoga, why is it bothering so many people?!!!

It is a puzzle!

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evnathan said...

"Sahanam Sadhu Dharma ". A true believer does not react to bouguets or brickbats.