Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Mind, empty mind, pure mind, impure mind, and yogi mind

By Osho, in his book Yoga: the supreme science:
The original mind (of the pure yogi) is not a mind. It is neither the mind of the sinner nor the mind of the saint. The original mind has no mind in it. It has no definition, no boundary. It is so pure that you cannot even call it pure, because to call anything pure you have to bring it in the concept of impurity. Even that will contaminate it. It is so pure, so absolutely pure that there is no point in saying that it is pure.

Only the original mind which is  born of meditation is free from desires.

(He then explains that this is the mind that rishis spoke of -- tatra dhyanajam -- a mind reborn out of meditation.)

 Your own mind is already there. You just reclaim it. It is eternal, always and always and always.

The original mind is unmotivated.

The mind is blocking the path to the inner. Whenever you go within yourself, again, you find some layers of mind..

That is what the original mind is: with no flicker of thought, no cloud in sight, no dust around you. Just pure space.

Only the original mind is free from desires.

Karmasuklakrsnam yoginas tri-vidham itaresam.
The yogi's karmas are neither pure nor impure, but all others are three fold: pure, impure and mixed.
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Whatever ordinary people are doing .. By ordinary I mean people who have not attained to their innermost core of being. People who are living with their minds are ordinary, who are living with their ideas and thoughts and ideologies and scriptures are ordinary: whatsoever they are doing, either their actions are pure or their actions are impure, or their actions are mixed, but their actions are not spontaneous or original. They react, they do not act. Their response is a reaction. It is not an overflowing of energy. They are not available to this moment, right now.

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