Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Today in class: headstand and more

Bharat tried the scorpion, and could hold it well for long. Khusboo came back after a long time, but still held the headstand for so long. Almost three mins. Abhishek btw is doing the headstand on his own. Others are being taught the headstand and show promise: Sharnae, Aman and Arindam  in the morning class.. today put the second Amrita into the headstand,and she went up rather lightly into it... all seem not so confused when they went up the last few times, so it means mostly the pose is there for them:)
Arunima is back, after motherhood and other yoga schools(Bikram too, she tells me:). In form, I should say. I remember, though she may not remember that, that when I did that Carter Road experiment (yoga class at the waterfront, at Carter Road, for a few months:) she would come for every class she committed -- all the way to Bandra from Kandivli(these two suburbs are so far off each other) ... this, though she would bunk the Kandivli classes where she lived. I used to be touched at that, that someone who found it tough mornings to do a local class would take the extra effort to travel to Bandra (from Kandivli!!) just to support me in my mad experiment:) So, yes, I remember all my students always with love... even the ones, like these other former students, who suddenly resurfaced to do walk-ins, then ran off  without paying:( It is not about the payment really. Now see this contrast with my other, fav student: Jit after shifting to Vashi, came and forgot also because he was rushing thru, but then though he shifted to Cal, sent the money thru a friend of his!!  It is a small amount either ways, however for me that gesture too is yoga. It is not really about the money, but the gesture of that ... the small ones define us so much:)  Hey Jit, if u are reading this, don't let it go to your head:) I rather u did the scorpion then paid me for that walk-in!! :)

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