Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today in class

Bharat has returned after a month -- his scorpion needs to be relearnt. But otherwise the headstand has improved, surya namaskar seems fine, and he's a bit wobbly with the standing flexibility poses -- one month could do that to one whose practice is rather strong, then think of those whose practice is wobbly what would happen if they take a long break? That is why from this year I  have decided not to take in walk-ins, not good for the student, the teacher, and the rest of the class. Gaps don't help u on the mat at all... yoga is not for the commitment phobic. So, yes, it is good Bharat did not go the way of most twenties who come and disappear, seemingly confident yoga will be there for them when they turn forty:)  The class is happy to have him back:)

Otherwise, many are in the headstand -- Vishwas, Neha, Valerie.. Puujaa is almost there..

Sonya has gone to the ashram for TTC.. the week before she left, we saw that she held the headstand for 10 mins. When I went to do the TTC I was rather raw... unprepared:) Oh, and I did not even have a yoga mat. I bought that dhurrie like thing they used to sell as a mat those days at the ashram boutique, for Rs 100 I recall. I used to be broke those days, having given up my job and funding all my yoga adventures by myself (yes, I never depended on my husband for my dreams, though a lot of people think that his presence is why I can chase them:) and used to make money by writing articles for a foreign mag over the night (  whose editor left a few months later, still owing me over Rs 30000 in collective article payment) so I would be sleeping by four am, get up by five to dash off for a yoga training programme with asana andiappan in the morning, followed by another training, then a swimming session with my baby, and then evening another training. Then exhausted, sit at the computer, typing crazily! That I was, a crazy, yoga mad person:) Phew! I get tired thinking of that phase even now:) So, then, after these two trainings in Chennai, and still unsatisfied with either, I decided to do the Sivananda TTC... It changed my life! So many of my students/workshop attendees have since gone there -- RJ (though she left me in a huff later and thinks I am egotistic:), Keshavi, Tammy, Nausheen ... Some even don't want to say they learnt with me, or attended my workshops... mmmm, each to his/her own...

 And so, yes, when I went to the ashram, I had only that dhurrie yoga mat -- which was just a dhurrie really -- I used it  for everything, including surya namaskar that dhurrie mat:) That may be why I have no fear of falling -- the door matty thing is the most slippery, slidey thing you ever practiced on!!

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