Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Yogic thought for the day: Ramana of self-realisation

So sorry guys, feeling a drag... lazy, I mean. So just let it be...
Am back, and hope to be around as regular as before a few months:(
Number of classes have increased, so managing that on my own... and every month new students... seriously, that is very demanding, mentally, to have... some of them run off, or I chase them off, so the cycle goes.. and I sometimes I feel myself in a whirlpool I did not wish to be rolling about in, like a rag doll. Let me tell u, unlike others who want to be yoga instructors, I always always only want to be a practitioner, even today... I never get bored when I get on the mat..and so, anything that interferes with that.. including teaching, is too intense a demand for me..

That is because I am far off from my target:) Here is what my most fav guru on this subject, has to say.
Ramana Maharishi on jnana (words in bracket, my own):

LIke sleep, that is right. It (jnana) is the natural state. Because you are now associated with the ego, you consider that the natural state is something which interrupts your work. So  u must have the experience repeated until u realise that it is your natural state. You will then find that japa (dharana, or focus .. in this case a chant) )  is extraneous but still it will go on automatically. Your present doubt is due to false idenity, namely that of identifying yourself with the mind that does the japa. Japa means clingling to one thought to the exculsion of all others. That is the prupose of it. It leads to dhyana (meditation) which ends in self-realisation.

From The spiritual teaching of Ramana Maharishi.

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