Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yogic thought for the day

When dealing with women who are trying to control their weight, I often find they blame external factors -- the usual target is a vague general thing they club as hormones. However, a lot of control comes from taking responsibility for oneself, including for what is happening inside your body... It is not something I make up, as a smug, know-it-all yoga teacher:) Here is what this book on yoga says -- from the  Yogic management of common diseases by Sw Karmananda (Bihar school):

One of the most prominent precipitating factors in states of thyroid imbalance is long-term suppression and blockage of emotional expression....
Balancing of the emotions, and giving a suitable outlet for their expression is an important part of yoga therapy for thyroid disease.

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pv said...

i tried applyin a lil bit of almond followed by geranium oil around the navel but i dont know if i am applying it wrong.

but ya consuming almond oil makes a v big differnece:)