Thursday, February 16, 2012

Daily Health Gyan

Always when I feel stressed, unlike others who hibernate and go into deep sleep and overeating mode, I become hyperactive.. I hate that, of course, because obviously I need rest more than activity. But that is my dosha, vata, which becomes aggravated.  In a way, it is a cunning way of the universe to create different types of personalities so that somebody did the work while somebody did something else -- the working bee and the queen bee, savvy??:) I mean, imagine if you are living in a jungle and everybody who was stressed (in Click to get cool Animations for your MySpace profile
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in a jungle, I would assume everybody would be, all the time -- wondering if you were going to get your meal, or end up becoming somebody else's ha ha) went off to sleep then what would happen??!! You need some vata types like me to wake up every time there is a rustle in the grass and alert everybody else.. It is just a biological convenience that nature has created, to exploit individual to protect a larger group.. but very irritating if you have to suffer the burden of being who you are (sometimes:) thro no fault of yours, and even if you try, u simply cannot suppress your dosha.. U may only  manage it..

So, yes, to get to the topic at hand: hyperactivity..

is according to Louise L. Hay comes from "fear. feeling pressured and frantic."

Actually till now, very conveniently, I have been only writing about sicknesses of other doshas (who wants to be so completely exposed!).. but these days, am looking my dosha in the eye.. and in this blog.. so yes, I must, where I took pride in hyperactivity, confess, that it is indeed provoked by feeling pressured (the rest of it, fear and frantic feelings, have been suppressed in the subconscious so I can pretend to myself that I am enjoying my activities/hypermode ... the cunning of your nervous system amazes me) ... and yes, activity gives relief to vata, because then the body is so pooped and desperate that it is knocked out into deep slumber -- some times, even for 15 mins  I can catch a nap and sleep the real, unfettered sleep of the dead..

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