Friday, February 17, 2012

Today in class

Sharnae is into the headstand on her own, hurray!! Sonia did a neat scorpion and also Prajukta.. hope it gets better. Puja's side crow is getting stronger too. Sonia gave sun salute instructions in class today and is gaining confidence.. It seems easy, but is rather a tough thing--modulation of tempo, flow of movements and how you place them, ability to say everything u want to say without hesitating -- so many things needed for the flow instructions.
Last evening made Murthy give kapalbhati instructions, and he did it with good style!
Maybe sometime when I get trainers and set up a center, I can leave the class in their care and go off on some spiritual junket (Vipassanna in Ladakh or the Rann of Kutch, for instance, or good old sadhana intensive at Rishikesh:).

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