Friday, February 17, 2012

Yogic thought for the day

I have a sore throat and a congested chest. But I know exactly the emotional trigger that got me into this negative zone, so I am waiting, as I try to resolve that demon inside, by organising my thinking. For me, a lot of such casual illnesses come from the mind.. and unless u sort it out there,in that vague place,  it can become a fixture in your life (read chronic ailments!!)...

Here is what Swami Satyanandaji Saraswati says(word in brackets are mind):
Man today is sick because he thinks he is sick. Sickness and disease have no place in the life of a person who does not accept or tolerate the self-limiting thoughts which are the real seeds of our myriad ailments. We stand hypnotized (wrongly) by the belief that disease and illness are our fate and destiny, rather than health and bliss, which are truly our birthright and heritage. In order to emerge from our mass hypnosis and collective hysteria and to experience health, joy and creative fulfillment, we must make a systematic application of yoga in our daily lives.

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