Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The mat is the friend

If one can get on the mat for a serious pracice, something special happens. U stop needing much. I think it comes from the sense of adventure one has, even in old poses. Something else too.. even if you are seriously, psychologically wobbly when things turn sour, your discipline suddenly gives a fresh perspective. I find that in such an event, you do not care enough about others to let them hurt you, you are good without getting wild with them, you accept others limitations as you accept yours, and all that, in theory sounds good, but on the mat, this all suddenly falls in place, and you are a released soul. For me, the theory of being good cannot come into practice unless you get a discipline. I find that being good can be tough when things go bad, but you can keep that chin up, be good and suddenly are released from all those other things that keep people seeking, unhappy or confused. You are in a zone where you are cherished, and you can cherish others with their weaknesses or walk away without heartbreak. This is very special. You do not need anything.. and for me that is very rich... And comes only from serious discipline.. you do not practice for anybody but yourself and that is very good, but because then everything you do is unconditional and pure as well. It is just between you and yourself, and what others do to you does not matter either way... You are in a different plane from most of humanity and you are not proud of that, just humbled that you are in that place. It is difficult to explain, but that is what it is -- strength which does not seek to hurt:)

Anyways, caught this pose (the simple setu bandhasana, elevated to another level here, with an advanced variation).. in a yoga book accidentally and tried it and even got it, first attempt:) Actually you can hold it for long, rather well I was pleasantly surprised to find...

What you need
  • A strong fish pose, to be able to hold it for three mins or so.
  • An ability to take the fall from the headstand --not that it matters -- but that is the sort of scrunch and contraction the neck experiences since it has no other support for this pose.
  • A perfect setu bandha asana, and comfort in it  (most people suffer it:(
  • And back and hip strenght, to push up and stay up.
  • And balance in tricky poses.
Happy sadhana!!

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