Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yogic tip for today

For proper digestion and stimulate the digestive process, there is the famous yoga rule called mitahara, or restraint in eating. Though the formula is slightly different, it sort of corresponds.. so while jingoists will scream the ratio is wrong here (theirs is only right, u know those types) according to the Bihar school of yoga, your meal must be split up like this: 50 per cent solids, 25 per cent liquids, and rest empty. In certain other schools this proportion gets a bit different, such as three fifths solid, one-fifth liquid, and rest empty. As u can see this is just a broad rule (like u can measure your stomach, just now?!!). So the idea is to keep some part of your stomach empty and stuff it where it keeps coming up back in your throat...
Plus, it keeps the digestive tract relaxed if you do not overfill it -- that is what animals do, who do not store food, and must eat to fill before the other scavengers take it away... we still behave like that today, though we give it many nice names... gourmet?!! Gourmand, more like it:)

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Anonymous said...


I read this post and am again referring to your post of couple of days back where you had mentioned that a person should have two heavy meals during the day and should not snack in between. This will help in not stressing out the digestive system.
So when you meant 2 heavy meals, the proportions should be 50 pct solids, 25 pct liquids and rest empty? Is my understanding of your statement correct?