Thursday, February 09, 2012

Natrajasana: in dance

This is the way the Natrajasana is conceived in Bharatanatyam.. Imagine to be able to stop that way, mid-air, while dancing fast.. the skill and control of a dancer is so much yoga:)

The torso is very straight here.. Must be tough to create the curve at the thigh and hip..

This is even more elegant.. and to think we struggle to hold it while executing in class, with rest breaks, and the dancers do it in the midst of one of the most strenuous dance there is.. Wow:)

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Anonymous said...

May be dance makes it easier to get there; it is warming, the music and rythm get the dancer into the zone, the focus is facilitated by the flow of movements....
But what is amazing indeed is to maintain such balance while moving and stopping. I have been always amazed by classic dance, especially bharatynatyam...