Saturday, February 25, 2012

Post-satsang after glow

The hall is now quiet. The lamps lit up. The room is redolent with the fragrance of roses, rajnigandha (thanks Sonia). Prahlada must be super-tired, and as usual in denial about it. He will land in Kerala in time for a raja yoga class, as also Sw Mahadevanandaji.  How do they do it..
The Yoga session and satsang went off better than expected. We did not advertise so much, yet about 100 were there, says Prahlada, for the asana session. And 50 stayed back for the satsang.  Which is what the hall could accomodate.
The mike did not support Jayshriji's harmonium.  There was a continuous whirr of the fans which had to be on, due to the heat. The traffic's muted roar cuts into all noise. Sai tries to speak over the static, and finds out how tough it is. Prahlada does that easily, subverting the difficulties with his immense experience. Prahlada is all over the place, being both the rockstar asana guru, as well as the man who must do everything, including checking the mikes. He also keeps a concerned eye over Swamiji, for his coffee mug needs filling. Water for the throat that dries when one must speak, and clearly, over the rest of the distracting clutter of noise.
He is everywhere Prahlada. I think of all the things that should have been done, so the task is easier for him.

Prahlada holds the entire class. That is a magical thing, he does, everytime. If you ever tried teaching yoga, u will know how difficult that can be..

The food was rocking -- upma, chai, samosas.  The candles were continuously lit. The arti did not blow up in the face -- as happened last time with Sai who could hardly hold the arti vessel because it had become very hot. Sonia did the aarti like a regular priestess, with grace too:)  The prasad by Minesh Sanghavi was appreciated greatly. Lots of roses which went unused, but u know, that is the things. It was all spontaneous by the students, devoted to the idea of the Sivananda tradition.

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