Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Question hour:

Answer: Mmm, did I say manipura chakra is activated in paschimottanasana... really? Actually, it activates the swadhistana chakra. In fact, all intense forward stretches, like padahastasana, also activate that..

Query: What does this chakra deal with, psychically? Hey, all scientists and rationalists and the rest of the blah, psychic was the language of the ancients, so don't scoff till u learn more of such stuff, what?!  So, to put it more rationally, on the physical level what are the effects? Mind and body,separate things? That would be the most unscientific thing u'd have heard of... So the psychic types think of the psychic things.. and the rational types, can give me the physical aspect of swadhisthana chakra...

Answer tomorrow:)

I love paschimottanasana btw. It gives me just the same high as the scorpion and same sense of settling into myself... It is one of the yoga zone poses, the best there is. Unfortunately, not many practitioners seem to reach it well enough... So it is good to know the connection...

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Anila said...

Yikes!I got it I mentioned, it was from my memory.And since you very rarely have posted anything wrong, and even if you did, you've always promptly rectified it in your next post,it definitely is my error. Sorry!.
Swadhistana chakra deals with the desires that you are consciously unaware of - mostly sexual in nature. Associated with the genitals/reproductive organs.