Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Today in class

Yesterday, wrote a silly post, about being a teacher (my catharsis)  and etc, etc etc... U know, the acidic stuff that sometimes rolls out here... Then, later in the evening, the acid had drained off me,  so I removed the post sheepishly... But some of you may have caught it:) Now u know my dirty secrets, ha ha .. never mind...

So, today, feeling upbeat once more .. because, Sharnae and Aman are now practically in the headstand .. they still need a still touch when they go up.. but they stay aloft .. so next week, I have hopes for them.
Pallavi started on the scorpion today, and not surprisingly, had all the features in place on first attempt. Nice to see that.. I wazs

Sonya is back from having done the TTC and in a zone still, and feeling a bit disoriented by being back in nosiy, clamorous Mumbai after leaving that lovely ashram:) But at least she is not throwing attitude, as some people are capable of doing, once they become certified.. !! (Now I know everything about teaching, one student wrote to me. I wish I could say that, after so many years of teaching -- I wish I knew everything there is about teaching, I wish, I wish, I wish!!!) Sonya seems to have become more humble, than before, it seems.. and more understanding of what means about being in a yoga mindspace  (not having airs, is one of them, for sure:)

Jayshree my music teacher has assured me she will be here for our satsang, and I am excited, because her voice is divine and her talent on the harmonium is amazing. Plus, she had done yoga with me. Plus, she is my spiritual alter ego.. We discuss a lot of stuff we struggle with spiritually.. And she may be the only one I talk like that, khulkey...

So, yes, the hall for the yoga session is fixed up .. will post details soon...

And Kiran is getting the crow, tho her excitement gets her out of it fast enough:) And Hemangi, new student, is a yoga zone girl..
Yes, teaching is fun (despite the crap I occasionally vent here:)

Happy sadhana!

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