Monday, February 06, 2012

Yogic thought for the day

I have one more student this month who has `learnt' yoga from a local inst teacher... lousy practice and poses and I feel sooo frustrated because with so much wrong having gone into the body, how to clean up this student now, I wonder... So beginning of every month I am immensely challenged this way, by students who have learnt from terrible yoga teachers and wonder why ... why there are people out there who have casually learnt something too fabulous and who teach it even more casually, without the right focus on body.. forget the mind (If I said right knee down and u did not know that, is it your mind which is confused or your body?? Answer me, Vikram, said the Vetal).

And the worst bit is that they all `know' a lot about yoga philosophy. Actually, unless u are aware of the most solid thing that you are experiencing, your body, u have no right to discuss the mind, which is amorphous (and as neuroscientists will say, non-existent, and is only an illusion created to protect the organism --Read V. S. Ramachandran Phantoms in the Brain, and catch a few lines at the right side bar of my blog).

Here is further on this subject, by another author I admire. Dr David Frawley:

Our bodies react to each one of our thoughts. Our minds give instruction to the millions of cells in our body. Every thought we think is an instruction from the head of our system to the millions of the subjects, the individual cells. And the cells respond. With yoga practice we can control our thoughts and gain peace of mind, which in turn gives harmony to the body, good health, balanced weight and increased energy. ... We are no longer driven by our emotions and the dualities of this world can no longer afflict us. We are free to experience the bliss of residing in our own true nature.


Anonymous said...

Shameem how do one open heart chakra?

Shameem Akthar said...

Aw... if u follow my blog, that is old topic, discussed in detail... scroll back and find it...