Monday, February 06, 2012

Question hour:

Answer: The main chakra in the headstand is the crown chakra. That is why this pose can both be a spiritual one that elevates you or causes your downfall. The fall in yoga is called viparita yoga (when the ego pushes you off the perch... and u have no choice but to repeat some more lifetimes till the slate is cleaned of all ego).

Query: After the wrists, which part of your body do you use the most in floating up in the crow..


Gayathree said...

Interesting question! Had to get back into crow twice to find out if its the bum being lifted up or is the action in the toes ? Strongly feel its the former one, along with looking straight forward with focus( instead of looking down which the shifts the body gravity & we topple down). Looking forward for the right answer.

sonia said...

elbow lock on the legs?