Friday, February 10, 2012

Yogic thought for the day

The heart chakra, as the exact center of the personal mandala, suffers the greatest loss, and causes the greatest damage if it should fal too far out of its place. Imabalances within the heart (central core) can throw the entire system off balance. Not only is balance between the upper and lower chakras and between the mind and body necessary, but also between inner and outer, between self and transcendence.

Anodea Judith, Chakras, Wheels of life.

Even Harish Johari says that the biggest granthi in life is at this center -- the block/knot to your spiritual growth. Attachments to the sense of the self as better, racism, religious jingoism, spiritual superiority (my guru is better than yours:), attachment to being good even can come in the way, as a knot, he says. When this knot is cut, the last knot at ajna fall apart on its own. This knot at Anahata is called Vishnu Granthi.. at the top,the Rudra Granthi at ajna will then be released only when we become less attached... Judith of course is talking of love, I think, as between two humans..

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