Thursday, March 01, 2012

Daily Health Gyan

Glancing through this book Khana Sutra by Zubin D'Souza.. nice booklet, on aphrodisiac food stuff, including menu and recipes.

Here are some things u did not know was an aphrodisiac:

Wasabi sauce -- Said to make women pliable! (I think, beyond all that aphrodisiac thing -- which should not be sniffed at prudishly -- I think these foods work by giving a natural high, which are ok:)

Vanilla -- makes one lusty!  (Oh, what happens when u light these innocent aroma candles with vanilla essence in a yoga class.. must avoid such chemistry, what?!)

Pomegranate -- Lord! It is a fertility food.

Chyawanprash... By upping vitality!!  Mmm, I remember Amitabh Bacchan selling it, a few years back...

Now, all of you sad souls -- u can kick depression with these foods so don't get psyched by that aphrodisiac tag.

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