Thursday, March 01, 2012

Query and answer

Answer: The base or mooladhara, actually.

Query: On the physical level what is the most important impact of the moolabandha (master lock). Choose from here:
  •  rejuventates the insides
  • engages the uro-genital system, toning it
  • tones the large pelvic muscles which starts sagging with gravity/age


Gayathree said...

Physically - primarily it engages the uro-genital system toning it & also helps in toning the pelvic floor muscles and internal organs.
Spiritually - pranayama with moolabandha forces open the knot of brahma granthi, located near the mooladhara chakra.

pv said...

tones the large pelvic muscles

Anila said...

I vote for "all of these"