Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Daily Health Gyan

Oh, I did tell u about zinc did I not:? People who exercise a lot, need it quite a bit. Any case, I used to be an action freak (get up and dash off to school to dig out the huge stilts in the sports room, and walk about, set up hurdles one after another on the huge garden and leap over it, stuff like that just gave made sense to me those days, as a child, scrawny and sickly as I was:)

So, maybe without good food I sort of have a weird sense of taste. Sugar is very intense for me.. like how somebody elegant will feel when asked to wear bling (I like bling btw, but this is just to explain a point) I feel like that when the sugar quotient in any food is over the top or is a dominant flavor in a dish. I like it that it is subtle and shared by other elements.

So, maybe it is because I did not have zinc in my early days that I have this (thank god for that) weird relationship with too many dominant flavors: they turn me off.

Any case, some illnesses can ruin your taste buds -- jaundice for instance (which I have had too, as a kid). So, if you want to revive it, go to zinc. In vegetarian foods, u need peanuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

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