Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yogic tip for today

Amazing, how much connection there is between your mouth and your uro-genital system. It overwhelms me, really.

Here is what the khechari mudra is supposed to do: I learnt it while doing sadhana intensive, and believe it is best learnt with some guidance and not over the net. So I am not going to tell u how to do it. But will put out the benefits here, so as to stoke your interest in it:

This lock massages the olfactory-gustatory patch, whose functions scientists are still guessing. The smell-taste complex, among the oldest links in the nervous system, involves primitive and animalistic instincts. This lock helps in controlling these, is also therapeutic in pain and anger management, obesity, dry mouth, preventing premature ejaculation while stoking self-healing and meditative calmness. It helps in controlling hunger and thirst.

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