Monday, March 19, 2012

The locked hand pinchamayurasana: exxciting!

This is a version of the pinchamayurasana where your hands remain locked from the headstand. Very very exciting, because you drop into the pinchamayurasana, legs up with a slight curve at the back, then lift your head up. It is more disorienting than the scorpion flow from the headstand because the legs draw back very powerfully and the feet cannot be engaged to hold a center. I find it one of the most exciting poses I have attempted to date!! Plus because the hands are interlocked you cannot get a grip. Most of the work is at the shoulders and hips..

What you need for this pose?

Ha ha, a lot of things, but mostly madness!
It is a very frightening pose, for sure:) Reason I lovvve it!

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