Monday, March 19, 2012

Daily Health Gyan

Last one week have been highly strung (damn thing is, just when u feel that way, one student or the other will throw a tantrum -- not just a simple one, but that will last the entire class, draining you further. A tantrum in a yoga class is often done by students who think themselves somehow as contributing to the energy of the class -- unfortunately it is initiated by me, by mistake, when I praise them slightly in this blog or in class.  It immediately goes to their head and you have to suffer the weighty heaviness of a misguided studen't ego.Amazing.  Do I need students?? Am I that sort of teacher. Like hell!!! ) so what with all this nonsense being flung in my mental space last week,  this week decided to chill, cutting down the intensity of my practice, keeping my writing aside (book has to wait till this drains off) and then planning a whole lot of massages as an alternative for this week.  Did for the first time a Shiatsu massage at this place and loved it. Shiatsu I liked because there is no finger contact -- you have your clothes fully on, there are towels all over your body, over your clothes, and through that the kneading which lasted 90 minutes. My brain is feeling clearer already.
What I felt, immediately, after the massage settled in, was how my nostrils became clearer. My left nostril, normally blocked when I am pissed off, opened up! Fantastic experience. This nostril clearance happens to me in the scorpion too. Immediately I get into it, if my left nostril is blocked, it will suddenly flow.

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