Thursday, March 29, 2012

Question hour: nidra and the heart

ANSWER: IT is the reflexive, reactive subconscious. It is the feelings' part of our brain that becomes submissive. Mostly, even though it is not felt as an active part of us (our thoughts appear to be active) our feeling dominate us. That part of us which hurts, gets angry, is anxious, remembers and worries -- that part (in biological lingo it is the reticular activating system in our mid-brain, which some neuropsychologists believe may be responsible for our self-image, value systems etc.

QUERY: Which of the following is useful as therapy in heart problems?
a) Amritanujaya mudra b) Yoga nidra c ) Leg raises

Answer tomorrow!!

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Gayathree said...

Yoga Nidra & leg raises.