Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Today in class

Including this evening batch I would have covered all my seven batches with this experiment of reciting the Gajananam. It is working. In all the batches everybody is reciting (I give them xeroxed sheets) the long prayer and the final long prayer (maha mritunjaya) also. It is already feeling much better.. Like I said, I realised in the Tues batch nobody was even bothering to read the words along. So I have now started reciting it more slowly, so others can say it along. It is working till now, touch wood.

Men are more shy -- I cannot understand why -- with the recital. But all this gender inner inhibitions -- that is what we are trying to throw off, na? Mayank is different. Since the beginning he has known the prayer by heart  explain why he got the scorpion amongst the first?!

I used to get (maybe some are lurking amongst my own students now) who feel it is somehow wimpy to say prayers out loud...

So, I have xeroxed sheets along .. I say it more slowly -- and if any of my students is reading it, remember a tradition has its own energy... it can power u.. It has worked for me, despite my initial resistance to everything to do with such habits:) I used to resist everything, including enrolling in a Sivananda training (even having run off a Sivananda vacation I did!).. but always I have been drawn back to small rituals of the Sivananda yoga -- it is what holds me up, these days..
so strange.. but so true..

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