Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Daily Health Gyan:music as therapy

As a kid, I used to live on RD for all sorts of stuff, including some subtle indoctrination for sure:) But it still has some great articles and I still order it from my vendor and and still eagerly open it up, when it lands at my door. This month's issue talks of music and therapy. One intriguing aspect -- because I get such a high from listening to loud music at discos -- is that it seems a very loud sound touches upon a very primitive hearing organ (though now it has no hearing function but only used for balance mechanism in our body) called sacculus. When tweaked by music, it goes into a great feel-good overdrive which resembles addictions. it can leave u feeling good for hours!! Mmm, easy way to nirvana -- when feeling low -- play some rock n'roll loud so your neighbour complains!
The other thing in the article which caught my eye -- that it is not the music itself, but how we listen to it, that impacts us more!

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