Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Yoga nutrient: daily health gyan

Dr Bernard Jensen in his book Guide to Body Chemistry and nutrition writes that magnesium is a `relaxer'nutrient. He also believes that magnesium deficiency is either precursor or symptom of every other disease you can name. It is involved with over 300 functions in the body. When people were deficient in magnesium in olden times and they did not know enough about nutrition and just went by behavior, these poor sods  were sent off to mental asylums because their behavior was so erratic and different from what they were otherwise!!
Magnesium is also involved in energy transfer within muscles. Which is why you can predict if someone keeps getting cramps on the mat they are magnesium deficient. They don't listen to you of course. Most people are so busy messing up their lives they don't have time to feel good about their bodies:) If they did, they will take care of it.

How do you know u are deficient? 

  • tremors
  • Weakness 
  • spasms 
  • irregular heartbeat
  • personality changes -- anxiety, sadness, confusion
  • nausea
Foods rich in magnesium? 
  • Rice bran ( I have seen it, even bought it, but cannot seem to know how to eat it!) 
  • Wheat germ ( U get them as capsules also)
  • Corn stuff 
  • soya stuff 
  • Raw seeds, nuts, butters from them. 
  • Green, yellow fruits and vegetables. 
  • Cereals
  • Milk stuff 
  • Seafood 


Anonymous said...

Which mudra from below is used for weightloss?

Surya mudra

meera gautam said...

I have a question Shameem. Does gymming affect or interfere with yoga?

Shameem Akthar said...

Meera, gymming is ok. I am for any fitness activity where nothing else is available. I used to gym but stopped it. As a teacher, I often find those who have exclusively gymmed have co-ordination issues.. this is a surprise to me but often they get the headstand very late, or not at all, then wheel variations (to coordinate left -right stuff when upside down) gives them difficulties. It is interesting that, for me, to observe as a teacher that gymming affects certain poses which are pure yoga poses:)