Sunday, May 06, 2012

Hello and sorry

Its been the worst week I've had.. a long story, and not worth repeating. But most of the trouble just erupted about, and I am sitting in my corner and singing. "Inner peace, Inner peace:) " Now I am tearing my hair, inner peace notwithstanding.

But seems the world was seething with a lot of crooks.. so I got knocked twice last week, once by a 16 year old girl who misbehaved like a veteran weirdo in my house and got me and my family dragged in a surprisingly  tussle with her family which did not seem to appreciate what we did, which was to help save her from her stupidities. Then a sauve crook walked off with Rs 10,000 in tiles contract for my Yoga Kuteer and I am thinking now I have to file a police case to get it back ... just the sort of thing u don't want to be doing when you are working 26 hours every day....  it is terrible that people see goodness as weakness and this has been my constant source of chagrin all my life :(

Plus the net has been down the whole week so I cannot even blog, for my usual catharsis:( Yes, the week is behind me and hopefully with a few lessons learnt .. which is to not to show the world that I am a nice person, ha ha!

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