Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I am feeling super exhausted, for the last one month, because my meditation practice has suffered:( My only recovery is from meditation. I have also not sung with Jayashriji for a month. So, my voice is feeling thick and uncomfortable. Also, for the last one month, I have not experimented with new poses or sequences. Which makes me feel mentally sluggish and unchallenged. All the detailed work one needs to set up a center has been overwhelming. But that is no excuse. Because yoga is incomplete without meditation.

Yesterday, however, after winding up some more minute detailing at the Kuteer, I sat down for a meditation (yeeks, with the ac on:) and then sang Praja hati (from the Gita, set to raag shri)  with Jayashriji's taped voice giving me cues. Then, today I had a long  chat with one of my students, Sonia, who is `sanitising' the Kuteer... (she is into cleaning up office spaces , and runs an  housekeeping agency) and blabbed a lot about teaching -- she is my oldest student from the current batch. My mind is feeling a bit settled. And the sense of exhaustion, a little less.  From June 1, the Kuteer will start.

Today again, back to meditation:) It feels back to  normal, almost....

I am taking it easy the next month, having clubbed some classes, and keeping the Tue-Thurs-Sat for my own intensive practice. And get back to meditation with the same love I have always had for it. I have been meditating since I started learning yoga, and that has been for years. Even when my yoga sadhana has foundered earlier, I will always manage my meditation. But in the last one month, I have resisted it, for some reason, which must explain my exhaustion.

So, yesterday, when I sat down for meditation, I realised how much I missed it. It is the most wonderful thing, because when you meditate all the questions you never asked come up. And with it, often, the answers. The coin usually drops.

So, really, what I mean to say is, that meditation is the key...

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feltra (Raman R) said...

Hi Shameem,

Could you please write a post on the specific steps that you do in meditation - and if possible some more followup posts on your *early experiences* with your current method?

I have read about several methods - and finally decided on simple Vipassana - ie. "breath watching".. But kinds like me have doubts in everything - and I am too much of a "rebel" to "repose faith" in any guru - so the guru way is not yet for me (maybe my curse for this birth...).

Reason I ask you is that I would like some simple notes on it (meditation) from someone practicing it for long.

Please ignore this post if its not to your liking..

Thanks & Regards,