Friday, May 11, 2012

Yogic thought for the day : this yoga is only for the bold in spirit

I get bored with people walking about in a spiritual puff .. so many about there, half dead.. Good people, but half dead spiritually, with an ego that may be boldly called sukshma ahamkara (it is the subtle ego, which is the most dangerous of egos, and which is part of the third knot at the heart center/anahata -- called Vishnu Granthi, an ego which drags you down with misguided ideas of good, and therefore Us Vs Them feelings).

 A real yoga place is like a warrior zone -- stillness in movement, center when things waft you about. How to be gentle here.. ?? U can be firm but not essentially gentle..

Why is that we Indians always mistake firmness for rudeness? As a teacher I find this the hardest to get across to people with a stupid and misguided idea about yoga. Yoga is for a warrior soul.. not a gentle wilting willow..

Below, Kathopanishad...

“The Atma is capable of being known only after
vast perseverance. One has to divert the mind from its
natural habitat—the objective world—and keep it in
unwavering equanimity. Only a hero can succeed in this
solitary internal adventure and overcome the monsters of
egoism and illusion! "


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