Friday, May 11, 2012

Daily Health Gyan:cedarwood oil, wow

After resisting cedarwood oil which I had in my collection of essential oils I finally put some in my diffuser. It has a sharp tangy lift and not so woody as I thought (I love woody smells though:) I added ylang ylang to it, thinking cedarwood in itself may be boring. Actually, it has a lilt to it, rather toned and definite. I like it. It is very very  different. It does not have the sober, grand tone of vertivert, but something playful to it.. such a huge tree, so young.. nice combination!

Its properties? It is uplifting yet relaxing. Removes spaciness, anxiety and induces insomnia. Removes edema and fluid retention. Cure for hair loss and acne.Is used widely as an insect repellent.  For curing respiratory problems. Dealing with menstrual flow... especially lack of it, as seems to be happening to a lot of young girls in India for some reason.. 

Hey, also provides spiritual clarity. Can imagine that, think of that strength that a cedar tree has!  The image above is from this site.. said to be 1000 years old!??
This image above should give u some indication at how huge this tree can be!It can grow to 60 meters, and as wide as three meters.  In India, this one is the deodar -- the deva tree!

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