Friday, May 11, 2012

Natrajasana:the pose that remains forever challenging

I do not know if one can execute the Natjajasana with any level of satisfaction unless you had learned it when very young or have a strong gymnastics background. Like my daughter who learnt yoga as a child can do the pose with her head and lifted foot touching! I cannot even dream of such lower back flexibility without cracking something up. But wherever one reaches the pose, it can be rather daunting and exciting for all those reasons:)

This one I saw in the book 608 Poses by Dharma Mittra -- he does a fantastic version, with his foot touching the head (see far off behind my head and foot is:p) .. This one is a very watered down version, but still exciting for me... staying down, entering the pose from the standing Natrajasana (instead of bending forward then grasping the ankle, which is rather easy), and then holding for a half minute or more. Your hips work like crazy for this balance.

What you need for this pose:
  • Strong, basic Natrajasana. 
  • Strong forward bend. 
  • Balance. 
  • This pose makes you feel, rightly, that you will tilt over. So a certain amount of fearlessness over falling has to be there. 
Happy sadhana! 


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