Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Yogic thought for the day

Something about Nachiketa is very moving for me.. young, clear-headed, obedient... and willing to walk towards death.

Here is what Yama tells this earnest young boy, in Katha Upanishad: This atman being hidden in all beings is not manifest to all. But it can be realised by all who are accustomed to inquire into subtle truths by means of their sharp and subtle buddhi(intellect). 


Anonymous said...

I donot think I ever met yogi who says shut up when one asked them a question .And question arised from something that you wrote.
So I won't stoop to your leval saying shut up because then I won't be any different than your arrogant self .

Wish you peace .You have a long way to go my freind to be the real yogi you CRAVE and Wannabe or pretends to be.
Again hugs and Peace your way!

evnathan said...

Yes, Kathopanishad is beautiful and insightful. I like the following passage:

"The Self-existent God has so created the senses that they go outward, and hence man sees the external and not the internal Self. Only, perchance, some wise man desirous of immortality turns his eyes and beholds, the inneer Atman'"

Shameem Akthar said...

thanks Ev:)
And Anon, blah to you:) If you have some guts to say what you say with your name in print there will be some value to your `wisdom'.
Now, there, u have finally met a yogi who is arrogant... can u please slink off .please don't hug people who may not want it... !!
And learn to think a bit before asking questions... read up science books and widen your horizon..

Anonymous said...

Shameem you have become so full of yourself .I been known you and have written emails when you didnot have even a single blog I mean years before even this blog but now you are a different person.
I am not Anonymous becuse I donot want to reveal myslef its beacuse I have to sign up .Since I donot use internet to post, comment etc only to your blog and that will change too . You know so many people use to get arugments on this blog with you and you notice not many people posts at all even with all effeorts i.e you efforts to give quiz.
God Bless you -ok I won't give you hug LoL
Bye Bye

Shameem Akthar said...

U are talking crap, as expected.
I have always blogged and written like this, with this same, nasty tone. Always my tone has been like this, including in comments on Rediff.com. U have no idea of spirituality or anything, including arrogance or lack of it, because your mind has stopped thinking I suppose:)
So u won't understand humility == which is where I come from.That I am the most humble person u will ever find... and I have the humility not to be pretentious... and I am egoless and that I do not bother to create a halo... ha ha.. all this over your head....