Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Yogic tip for the day

Attended a reflexology workshop with Christine Valmy institute at Bandra (yes, a propah certified course -- which means now I can get a job as a restaurant attendant and work your foot if my attempt at yoga teaching fails -- at least I could make more money:) and was intrigued at how even in reflexology the anklet (area surrounding the ankle) is said to represent the reproductive system. I love seeing the connections u know -- and connected with what I read in V. S. Ramachandran's book Phantoms in your brain that the ankle region is closest to the sexual/reproductive system in the brain. In fact, when people lose sensation in their pelvic region due to paralysis or accidents, a phantom orgasm is experienced at the ankle region!! What I find so intriguing therefore is that these yogis knew of this and thus deviced these tough sitting meditative postures which completely crush your ankle and thus induce impulse control. Oh, wow!  Everybody becomes very scared when I mention this connection -- actually the sexual region is also involved with every other feeling u have -- just yesterday while writing a column for Savvy magazine made this fantastic discovery that the love hormone oxytocin is also related to feelings of envy and jealousy : interestingly this same hormone is also involved with social commitments etc. So, u see... this is not just about sex, dodos!!

So, my idea to those who have rampaging hormones or uncontrolled impulses and all those other things they want to control -- just learn to do the padmasana:) Ciao.

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evnathan said...

I believe the Anandamadirasana is also a good asana for control of senses.