Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Chillax yoga

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Today, after a long long long time, did all my three parts of yoga -- meditation, pranayama and asana -- in one continuous flow; and did it at the Kuteer.. One of the best things about the kuteer, I think, will be that I am there without the drags of a home: at home, I am multi-tasking like crazy (fulltime maid  who till last year also was also cook; then  columnist on eternal deadlines that never end, housekeeper, blogger, mother) -- so many things which can cause "practice intermission" (phone ringing, calling bell blaring) that u are suddenly hopping off the mat. Click to get cool Animations for your MySpace profile
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At the Kuteer, nobody rings the bell and then I am in a very quiet place and undisturbed. It was tremendous.

Since I am meditating in such a fashion after a long time, my mind felt as if there was a fever breaking out! I would suddenly realise I am at the Kuteer, then just as it happens, for example, as when you are getting anaesthesized u see images rushing about, geometrical, unreal but seeming to make sense, that was the way my mind was -- like a fever breaking out. I came home, after the practice, loads lighter than just last week when the work was pushing me into a state of super exhaustion.

It feels light again. And once more, it is not about running a center, but just practising my yoga daily. Then everything I do in life, it flows around that. No stress, chillax:)  Life is a cakewalk if you manage your yoga daily. And manage it  in an undisturbed fashion. The rest of my life, after that, is super cool..

It feels normal, once again:)
So, what I mean to say is that if you are being pushed by patterns or life, you can remain centered only when there is yoga in your life. Why that is so, is a big mystery to me. But it so experiential, that I have no quarrel with that and only strive to maintain that space in my day, for yoga...

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