Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Daily health gyan: stretch marks

I saw a TV show, just a bit of it in Ripley's that caught my eye enuff to hold my remote control finger in Stop mode. it was a snippet about how the corset was making a comeback and gaining popularity amongst women who wanted a wasp-waist (btw this was a popular description of women in ancient Tamil literature -- a wasp-waisted woman meant a curvy one, with a tiny stomach:) . Apparently, the corset shrinks your stomach if you wear it constantly. I recall after I delivered J, my mom informed me that I had to tie my stomach in wads of clothes to hold my stomach in. Actually I was breastfeeding my baby for long, for almost eight months, so in a way, that too is said to help tuck the stomach in. But actually, eventually, those terrible stretch marks that pregnancy leaves completely disappeared only after yoga. And I see a lot of women still have stretch marks and I believe it is because they are not practising yoga. Yoga is miraculous that way.. the only workout were there are no trackline of white ugly stretch marks, like deep grooves into your skin, at the waist or thighs:)
All leg raises, squats, lunges and poses that help hold the stomach in like the boat, help here.

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