Thursday, June 07, 2012

Oh, wow, scorpion in the handstand!

I was not trying this at all. But this Juspreet, who has just joined, is such an enthu student that I decided I must dust  my handstand practice which had come to a halt since I tore my knee ligaments in a silly accident not worth repeating. Any case, the handstand has been in the backburner since the last nine months and then, this kid comes and shows some great interest in it, and obviously his yoga would be incomplete without its practice, so I showed him (tho he executes that well enough on his own) on the wal yesterday.  Today, at the Yoga Kuteer, I tried it while practising there alone.

Let me confess,  I felt like King Robert Bruce and the spider (remember the story from your childhood, when the poor king hiding in the cave is inspired by a struggling spider).. though I am not sure whether I am to see myself as King Bruce or the spider. Because I kept jumping up and down and the video looks rather amazingly funny .. with so many attempts, since the knee is still fearful of a backward fall .. Normally, I would go up on the hand stand, hang there for a few seconds and fall right back (which is possibly the most frightening thing I tried in my forties:) into the wheel. And then, if I felt good, walk a bit in the wheel, then stand up from the wheel..the wheel and falling back in it has also suffered from the knee accident.. when I try that backbend where I could slip back into the wheel, I sometimes get a powerful painful jerk at the knee, so I have been avoiding that:(

 So all my  stunt work has been in the backburner for a while now. but since I returned to hard core kickboxing in the last few months, the knee losing its  fears somewhat. but seems to be inhibited when it  comes to falling into nowhere and landing on itself with a thump:) But here I am, seemingly back...  I hung on in the final pose for a heart stopping seconds, so yes, it is still possible for me. And my legs stayed in the scorpion for a while.. so, part of all this break is that I am now going to be able to do the scorpion in the handstand.. Yeeeeeesss!!

I never fall as elegantly as this. But I loved this video that shows how to fall -- it is at the tailend of the video and u want to watch that if you are crazy for the handstand:)

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