Sunday, July 22, 2012

Daily health gyan: Dumplings and health facts

This is a Kung Fu Panda special!! 

On dumplings and health: steamed better than fried, obviously, in terms of calories. But hey, calories are not everything. Meat-filled gives u protein. I have had a wonderful one with crunchy peanuts and palak leaves, at the Lemon grass, which has some fantastic servings of dumpling and remain mine and my daughter's fav comfort food. Their garlic sauces are super too, great spice spike:) I find dumplings give u the right amount of starch, protein and spice and u feel light after even a six-piece plate.. 
I have not had soup dumplings, but apparently as calories go, these are the lowest.. but frankly, when eating dumplings I think texture is so important.. so steamed feels the best, for me. The sodium content in it is said to be high.. but that is for those with very high blood pressure. We others, we can survive that spike, for sure! U may feel a light bloating the next day:( 

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