Sunday, July 22, 2012

Question hour: balancing act

Answer: the ego pose, is of course, the headstand. Often, when I teach discerning students, I tell them to try a variation. Then, having succeeded, to put the ego aside and not pamper it further by trying other variations, but just to focus on the basic. Only some students understand this aspect of yoga. Others feel stunted that I am blocking their physical prowess:)  The only thing u learn on the mat, is to control the ego, by facing up to its many tricks..

Now the query, based on Kung Fu Panda again.. (The reason I am now obsessing about Master Shifu, more than Panda, is that someone sweetly said I am like Shifu.. Oh, I have no illusions of being a master, but the strongest image that stuck with me, of Shifu from the Panda series, is where he screams Inner Peace, Inner Peace, desperately, with incense stick et al, helplessly. It struck me, as myself, as many epiphanous moments in the Kung Fu Panda struck chords all over over the world, for sure.. so many identifications with the weaker parts of ourselves, and forgotten strengths, that is what made the film so beautiful...

Any case, here is the QUERY: In a balancing pose where should you focus on, inside the body or outside?

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Girl With Big Eyes said...

Inside, as that's the only unchanging element.