Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Daily health gyan

No, I am not been off blogging because I am lazy, or you all do not deserve my wisdom (ha ha, that too:) but because the net is terrible, terrible. Imagine when there is no monsoon, this condition.. what will happen if Mumbai monsoons happen, as they should. Everything will collapse. Only the real estate in Mumbai is silly international rates, rest of what we get for that super price is so much crap that we should all collectively hang our heads in shame... we could be living in stone age, the way the systems works, including private companies to whom we subscribe for the internet.. yeeks.. they are all reaping some bad karma.. too stupid to realise it this birth..

Any case, this here.. all about this nonsense hyper metabolism thing that is doing the diet circles..

Seems to me gluttony -- and going by some stars who follow this crazy plan and their terrible tantrums and rude behavior patterns, i I will run a mile off such charts that make u eat and eat and eat, to lose weight:) I would hate to be part of that clan, thank u very much...

the stomach takes fives hours to digest solid food -- so why you need to stuff it with more:)

Those who claim they feel faint before a workout and eat something.. mmmm, u will never burn fat if u keep pumping things into yourself...

Remember the blood pool must be distributed equally between major systems. If digestion has started you cannot expect it to convert itself into ready energy when u start your work-out -- that is foolish, seeing your food has to pass a 32-feet long digestive tract and stay for a few hours at the small intestine for proper absorption. So, unless you have serious blood sugar issues or severe low blood pressure you do not need anything before a workout. On the contrary, you may get cramps if you eat just before a work-out because the blood is now stuck between running to the muscles and to the stomach.. Plus, if you eat a high sugar snack like banana, the sudden dip may even may you feel faint..

To burn fat, you have to create debit from what is already there, not add credits to it:)

But all this falls in place only when u do serious yoga.. otherwise u give in to any impulse or foolish interpretation that wafts your way....

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