Wednesday, July 25, 2012

On disease and the mind

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For me, as I continue teaching, the disease of the body when allowed to roost can continue their terrible spiral..

Here is what Yoga Vashishtha has to say about this connection. I have quoted this before and quote it often, in my columns. But its valued enough to warrant repeating:)

When the manas (mind is agitated) then this body also follows its wake. When the body is agitated, there is no proper perception of the things that are in the way. Prana (life force) flies from its even path on to a bad road, staggering like an animal wounded by an arrow. Through such agitation, Prana, instead of pervading the whole body steadily and equally, vibrates everywhere at an unequal rate. There, the Nadis (energy channels) do not maintain a steady position, but quiver. Then to the body which is the receptacle  of food digested partially or compeltely, the Nadis are simply death, because of the fluctuation of the Pranas. The food which settles down in this body amidst such commotion is transformed into incurable diseases. 

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