Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yoga and goals: thought for the day

I was talking with Prachi Mallik, my favorite sounding board on spiritual matters. We were discussing how some people can misuse the terrific rush in the interest for spiritual things.You can see so many things happen today, that may be good, but may also be bad.. commercial gains, control that people seek to exert over their followers, political clout, etc.. somewhere something very important which started this person on this whole journey, gets totally lost. Here I find a quote from the Laghu Yoga Vashistha which appropriately sums up the dangers of this, in terms of the actual goal. I believe Vashitha is not just talking of material gains, but also stuff like the halo of goodness that people are nowadays sprouting:)

"Objects which are longed for, can be easily attained by those who have practised continued meditation. Those who long for objects through their Sankalpa will attain them; but those who wish to attain their own Atman never think of objects. How can persons going to south pole reach the north pole? The ignorant mind which is the seat of all objects before it and which fondles sankalpa in great amity, is impeded in its progress, if it concentrates itself upon two objects at the same time and not upon one of them alone for its destruction."

Yoga is a crazy place.. I pretend I teach asanas..but this stuff here, this is my yoga.. and between that and trying to get this message through poses and the firmness in my  classes, I am trying to reach something across.. earlier I used to feel extreme pressure that I am unable to reach through. But this weekend, after some intense heart probe, that also has been resolved. Every one  is not ready for spiritual grit... . those who are spiritual,  they stay, those who are not, they leave. It has nothing to do with me.. 

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