Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Answer and query: on the three karmas and the most common reference

Query first this time, since we are still using many sections of this blog to discuss karmas..

QUERY: What are the most common references/anologies used to describe the three karmas?

ANSWER: The three karmas are Sanchita (past lives), Prarabdha (present life, used to clear up the past somewhat) and Agami (future potential karma).

This may seem confounding. But as I rush through life, desperate to be done with it (hey, for those who understand moksha:) this is very exciting. The only role of the Prarabdha is to use it wisely to clear up the slate of the Sanchita (accumulative karmas). Then, you have to burn it up, so fully, that nothing remains. Just like how a seed, when burnt, has never a chance to become a tree again, this life and these chances that the Sanchita throws into your current life, must be utilised to remove all traces of all karma. Like a burnt seed, without potential, all karma must be destroyed.

It is very exciting this concept .. because it means you have to utilise every tough situation not to create more karma, but to reduce, then destroy it completely.

Have you noticed how life will keep repeating a pattern of hurt or pain or problem? This is just the way the universe conspires to get it drummed into your head. Till all reaction ceases, the pattern will keep repeating itself. This is so terrific in a way -- it means you must cut loose your reactions now. You cannot nurse past injuries. You must edge your mind to such strengths that you have no reactions. And even if you have had reactions, you must edge yourself away from them..

In that last bit is where yoga comes -- while some people think I am teaching "flexibility" (Hey M, that is not what I teach, though I get quite a bit of abuses for trying to teach this stuff, I am talking to you now about:) Yoga is the spiritual tool -- in all its beautiful efflorescence -- in its toughness, in its moderation, in its balance, in its poses, in its practices -- to clean and cut loose from karma. Those who understand this, they enjoy yoga.
Those who do it for weight loss, often they do not even lose weight:(

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meera gautam said...

Thanks Shameem. I think I am moving on that path and its tough. Its tough to burn the past especially if ur still living it. Yes, life is bringing the same patterns of hurt and pain. I truly believe that the universe is conspiring to get some very important lessons to me. Many times I feel and ask why me? Why not my colleagues which I see so engrossed in worldly affairs? Then I tell myself that I am special and blessed and this is existence thats playing the drama with me. Bringing so much love and pain into my life from nowhere.