Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yoga bootcamp rules, suggestions... please read, if coming!

Conditions and Suggestions for the Camp:  

  • Eat a light breakfast two-three hours before: a few toasts, cup cereal, sandwich – in that light league. Overeating will make u sick, not eating could flag u.
  • BRING YOUR OWN MAT.. otherwise u will have to rent a mat for Rs 50. The mats are all new, and are slippery, So this is likely to seriously affect your practice.
  • Be prepared for tough holds. If your personal practice does not involve that sort of practice, this may not be the place for youJ In case you overestimated yourself and land up and find it tough going, lie back in the corpse poses instead of gaping at others!
  • We do not know how many are signing up. In case there is a squeeze, remember the Sivananda yoga slogan: ADAPT, ADJUST, ACCOMMODATE!
  • The snack afterwards: more a chance to get-together. I am promising hot water, with coffee powder, milk powder, tea bags, brown sugar cubes. Banana, biscuits. Otherwise this is a POTLUCK. In case you wish to share you may bring your snack along, but not to feed the whole world, or just for yourself :  but to feed a dozen people approx.
  • TIME: Assistants (Volunteers) may come half-hour earlier. Otherwise, rest of you registered participants should be there at least 15 minutes before the programme starts.  Kindly do not come in later than that.
  • If paid and cannot come, you forfeit, unfortunately. So, ensure that you want to be here, before paying up.
  • Anything else you may sms me on 9833109909/ or email at samayama@gmail.com

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