Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yogic terms: parechcha karma

Somebody asked me a question today, on karma. While I love the topic of karma because it simplifies my life (not the pat, u get what u deserve or que sera sera -- whatever will be, will be) .. it explains the inexiplicable, gives me a(often difficult) insight into something that needs to be done, whether it be judged as bad (or good) by the rest of the world. But today added one more term to the karma list of words -- the one below

Parechcha karma: this means the karma that is done only  for the others and does not reap any karmic value to the doer..  It is usually done by those who are not interested in any personal gain from doing things for others (not the same, somehow as karma sannyasi, who struggles with that!) but just that this person is indifferent to getting any commercial/karmic/punya  gain from his/her act and extends and shares of what he knows.. 

Mmmmm, sounds like yoga teaching to me.. the last one week I am wondering why I teach, since I only want to practice. Those of who are close to me will know that I am a very reluctant teacher, and believe myself forced into this, by my Sadguru! But the only hitch in fondly believing I am participating in parechcha karma is that it is usually done by the jnani..
and I, I am no jnani, just puny,  me:)

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