Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yogic thought for the day:

A consistent asana practice can bring awarenss of unknown problems in the body, uncovering hidden areas of stress or pain. Through continued practice these problems are improved and often permanently resolved.

Dr David Frawley.

I agree with him completely. Those who practice yoga daily, if having a chronic problem, usually can control it, or heal it. Those who crib and refuse to let go of the pain or ailment, they simply are pretending. My own secret presumption (rude woman, I) is that they are afraid of entering the void and plot some karmic backlog to ensure they are born again. So many messed up people that way, u get to see, when u teach... It is a terrifying insight.. and often very disturbing for me as a yoga teacher. The mulishness with which people hug problem, create negative loops with even people they admire or love just to ensure there is a connection, in their next birth and that they hope, and pray, to be born again.

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Janaki said...

"negative loops with people they admire or love"....interesting!