Monday, July 16, 2012

Yogic thought for the day:

The problems of teaching yoga as I understand is, explained below:) Why I am facing a wall, in so many students!!!!

Just as a person, through excessive delusion, thinks himself to be another, the one impartite Jnana appears to be unreal... Like heat inseparable from fire and identical with it, so the universe which is of the nature of Brahman is identical with it. This identity should be taught only to those who have developed the four means of salvation and have perfected themselves in Carya (acts of service for Brahman), Kriya (acts of worship towards Him), and yoga. .. But if this is imparted to those wallowing in desires, it will only fling them into the tortures of hell, never to return. It is only to illumined minds like yours, untinged, with the desire for agitation producing wealth, that this grand Truth will become self-evident. 

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